Kodiak Brigade has evolved musically as a band and are preparing to go on tour in 2016. Mitchell Dyer, brothers Kyle and Steven Knudsen, and siblings Kristina and Jacob Hughes make up the Kodiak Brigade.

Dyer, Kyle Knudsen and Steven Knudsen each play a variety of instruments for the band’s songs.

Dyer is the lead vocalist and plays the guitar, mandolin and glockenspiel.

Steven Knudsen plays the drums, guitar, bass and keyboard and does vocals.

Kristina Hughes specializes on the violin, and Jacob Hughes plays the drums.

“Our music has been evolving,” said Mitchell Dyer, a sophomore studying music.

The band has become an Indie folk band, according to the band’s Indiegogo project video.

Kodiak Brigade’s songs are similar to contemporary folk songs, those written after the Bob Dylan era, tend to focus more on the personal side of a matter rather than on the social, allowing the integration of other genres such as pop or rock, according to AllMusic.

Steven Knudsen said that he, Dyer, and Kyle Knudsen watched YouTube videos to learn how to play their instruments.

Only Kristina and Jacob Hughes know how to read music well, Kyle Knudsen said.

“We play by heart, not by robotic notes,” Dyer said.

Dyer said he founded the band in 2009 when he and a friend in Utah began writing music.

He said when he and his family moved to Branson, Missouri, he attempted to keep the band going by himself.

After he returned from serving his mission, he met Kyle Knudsen.

Steven Knudsen said he and Jacob Hughes had their own band when Dyer invited them to play with him and Kyle Knudsen for a young single adult talent show in 2014.

“We thought we’d just help write a couple songs and both bands would go separate ways,” Steven Knudsen said. “But after we played together and performed, we both realized that it was awesome. So we decided to join Kodiak Brigade.”

In March, the band put out a six-track extended play, The Titan Bridge.

“Our EP was kind of the testing grounds of what we wanted to sound like as a band,” Dyer said. “We experimented the waters with different instruments and different sounds, so it has different varieties to them.”

Their debut album, called The Lonely Chief, is set to be released in 2016.

Dyer said he would describe The Lonely Chief as a musical storybook. Starting from the beginning of the album, each song is a chapter that follows a journey that the main character takes.

“This album has become pretty intense,” Kyle Knudsen said.

Kyle Knudsen said the entire band is planning on relocating from Branson, Missouri, to Provo, Utah, in order to increase their fan base. Dyer said the band hopes to book as many gigs as they can in Rexburg.

“That’s personally why I went to Rexburg — to increase my education and help the band become something successful,” Dyer said. “And to also focus on building a fan base in Rexburg.”

Steven Knudsen said Kodiak Brigade writes music that anyone and everyone can emotionally connect to.

“For each song, everybody’s going to get a different message,” Steven Knudsen said. “Our goal is to impact people’s emotions when they listen to our songs in a good way. It’s something they can connect and relate to.”