Scott Tremmel, a senior studying special education K-12, stepped up to fill the role of women’s lacrosse coordinator just weeks before the season started.

Tremmel said that in order to get a season going, there needs to be a coordinator.

Tremmel said that Kevin Redd, a student activities advisor, posted on Facebook saying women’s lacrosse needed a coordinator, as the season’s deadline was approaching.

“I e-mailed him [Brother Redd], came in to meet with him, and he gave me the position as coordinator,” Tremmel said.

Tremmel said there were girls that could have filled the role of coordinator but would have had to sacrifice their season.

“You can’t play the sport you coordinate,” Tremmel said. “So I decided to step up so the girls could play.”

Tremmel said many of the girls are really happy that he signed up to be the coordinator.

“It was really nice that Scott was able to fill in for the coordinator position,” said Rachel Black, a senior studying communication. “The fact that he did step up, a lot of girls that are playing do owe him a debt.”

Black said this is her third season playing lacrosse.

“Last season, I coached, and we won the championship,” Black said.

Black said she loves lacrosse, and the novelty of the sport is fantastic.

Black said being able to meet so many girls from across the country is something she enjoys about lacrosse.

Black said that if lacrosse did not continue this year due to a lack of a coordinator, she would have joined the city league, and they would have needed to travel, which would make it more difficult and more costly.

Black said she made advertisements for lacrosse during winter semester for this season and shared it on the BYU-Idaho Lacrosse Web page.

Tremmel said they have about 50 girls signed up to play for this semester, but that is not quite the amount they wanted.

“Sixty players would be ideal,” Tremmel said. “So if we could have about 10 more participants sign up, that would be great. Experience isn’t a necessity to play with us.”

Tremmel also said there are many girls playing for their first time.

“There’s actually a lot of girls that this is their first time picking up a lacrosse stick,” He said. “Other girls have played in previous lacrosse seasons, so now they continue to play with us every year.”

Tremmel said his passion for lacrosse started about 15 years ago when he was in seventh grade.

“The reason why I love it so much is it takes in a lot of concepts from a lot of sports: the motion of a basketball offense and defense like basketball and running like soccer,” Tremmel said.