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The upcoming spring competitive sports season will include golf, softball, tennis, track and field, Ultimate Frisbee and lacrosse.

“The spread of nonnative lacrosse eventually led to its position today worldwide as one of the fastest growing sports, controlled by official regulations,” according to the U.S. Lacrosse website.

Lacrosse is a team sport played with a ball and a netted stick. The netted stick is used to pick up the ball and throw it into the goal to score.

BYU-Idaho Competitive Sports will incorporate lacrosse into the variety of spring activivities next semester.

“This season will consist of four teams of 12-18 players,” said Seraphina Bates, the coordinator of women’s lacrosse and a junior majoring in international studies. “Each team will have its own practice time Monday through Thursday at either 2-4 or 4-6 p.m. each of those days and will be playing against each other on most Saturdays.”

Bates said she has also brought a new aspect to the game this season.

Bates said she will allow coaches and assistant coaches to play in the games as long as there is a coach on the sidelines.

“I’m going to be focusing on retention and ensuring every player develops a love for the sport and for their teammates,” Bates said.

Bates said she has been involved in lacrosse since she was 5 years old. Her sister helped her develop a love for lacrosse, which Bates showed by playing lacrosse in high school for three years.

“Lacrosse is a difficult sport when you first start learning,” Bates said. “Chances are, because of how difficult it can be, a beginning player won’t love it. But when you give it time ­— if you exercise patience in yourself, your coaches, teammates and in the sport — you will eventually love the sport.”

Carson Clark, a freshman studying chemistry, said she appreciates and loves lacrosse.

“There is something about lacrosse that makes all who are involved in the sport very accepting, and they reach out to people to have a united group,” Clark said.

Clark said she remembers the fun she had in high school and in the BYU-I lacrosse tournament last fall and wishes to continue on during the spring season.

“This is a sport that takes a lot of skill, but you become stronger mentally and physically from it,” Clark said. “Each sport has its own energy, and the energy from lacrosse is so organic because everyone comes from a different sport to play this sport.”

Bates said lacrosse has the capacity to strengthen a person’s testimony.

“When you work diligently at bettering yourself and in encouraging others, you truly do come closer to Jesus Christ and to God,” Bates said. “When you remember to rely on your teammates or coaches, you can be reminded to rely on God and allow Him to strengthen you on and off the lacrosse field.”

Sports Activities still needs coaches and referees for spring semester.

If students are interested in being a coach or a referee for lacrosse, contact Kevin Redd at