Story by Jamal Taylor and Julie Leavitt
Halley Crave, one of the competition’s judges and a sophomore studying music, said she is pleased with this week and excited to see what next weeks’ show will reveal.After a night full of songs defining the contestants’ relationship status, the Last Voice Standing judges showed their love to all of the contestants by saving each of them from elimination at the Feb. 17 show.

“This week was awesome,” Crave said. “All the contestants brought their game. Overall a super solid show.”

Bethany Winder, who sang “The Scientist” by Coldplay in the last show and a freshman studying English education, said that she will have to switch things up in her performance for next week.

“Everyone stepped up their game this week,” Winder said. “The pressure is on now. Although I’m happy with my performance, I know that next week I have to get out of my comfort zone if I really want to impress the judges.”

Christian Van Hoose, who sang “Jealous” in the last show and is a freshman studying exercise physiology, said he felt that the last show was a kind of a mellow one because of everyone’s song choice.

“So hopefully this next week will be different in that sense,” he said. “I know I’ll be choosing something wild.”

For the next round of the competition, contestants will be singing songs that fall into the judges’ theme: “Forefathers of Rock.”

Crave said that she is ready to see some diversity in the song choice.

“I like next week’s theme because I really love the idea of going back to the roots of rock and covering those songs with the different styles and voices that the contestants have,” Crave said. “They can really do some cool things with some classic songs.”

Kaitlynn Copher said that she is excited for the next round.

“I love rock,” Copher said. “It’s going to be a super fun night.”

Winder says she does not specialize in rock but will do her best.

“It’s a challenge for those of us who don’t have ‘rock’ voices, per se,” Winder said. “But once I get on that stage, I’ll probably just pretend I’m the female Bryan Adams and see what happens.”

In regard to the judges’ decision to let everyone continue to the next round, Van Hoose said he was surprised and excited about it at first.

“But, thinking back, I’m not sure I like the decision,” he said. “Actually, I know I don’t really like the decision.”

He said he is OK with their decision because there is a lot of talent that the audience will get to see and listen to in the next show.

Due to the nature of the contest, because everyone was saved from elimination in the last round, two will be eliminated in the next show, and the competition is getting higher.

“Aubrey is definitely a serious contender,” Winder said. “Her vocal control is crazy good”.

Copher says she feels a threat also lies with the male competition.

“I can do everything the girls can do; I just need the right song,” Copher said.

The next round of the Last Voice Standing competition will continue on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in The Crossroads.