From California to Idaho, the owners of Casa De Ochoa have made eastern Idaho their new home.

Jose Antonio Ochoa, Owner of Casa De Ochoa said they were dropping their daughter off at BYU-Idaho last year when the idea sparked to open a restaurant in Rexburg

Even with the culture change, Rexburg is home to Jose and Gloria Ochoa.

“We love this place, said Gloria Ochoa, co-owner of Casa De Ochoa. “Rexburg is wonderful. All the people are very kind to us and we appreciate that.

From Sunny California weather to cold and snowy Rexburg, it was an adjustment for the Ochoa’s.

“In the beginning, it was a little difficult because we moved in October, and it was already cold, but the warm to cold was a change, Jose Ochoa said. “But we were working inside and not outside so we were able to adjust a lot better.”

The Ochoa’s strive to create a family atmosphere in their restaurant.

They also host a karaoke dance party every other Friday.

“It was my daughter and husband, Gloria Ochoa said. “They love to dance and we should have a Latino dance here, and that is why we have it here and its working well, and the kids love it.

BYU-Idaho students often spend their Friday nights socializing, dancing and singing their hearts out.

“It’s a good thing for us, as students enjoy the place, Jose Ochoa said. “But they enjoy dancing and don’t have to go far away. They can know us like a family and we are open for them to help them.”

Overall, Rexburg has opened its doors to the Ochoa’s and they are very appreciative and love their time spent here so far.

“To stay in this place, small town with all the people with the same values is great,” Jose Ochoa said.