With stresses of college life, one gro of comedians make it their job to make people laugh.

At the Stand Up Comedy Night, students come and gather for good hour and half of entertaining comedy.

Dan Brixuis, a senior studying Health Care Admin, says “I am the manager so Danee my co-manager. We kinda run the workshop. We conduct it every Thursday. We normally get together and look at a comedian and see what their strengths are and jokes and how they tell them and their [delivery], the stage performance, and the best part [is] after that, we get together at open mics nights and tell our jokes. And critique each other and prepare ultimately for our shows for the semester.”

The audience even enjoys the jokes that have been preformed.

Junior Amber Perez, who is studying psychology, said “I kinda like how each comedian has their own personality and different jokes and different ways to tell jokes. It’s kinda fun to see.”

Through out the show, the audience enjoyed and picked out their favorite comedians.

Victoria Robinson, a sophomore studying Art says “Sasha! She is really funny and how she talked about her family and just she did really did a really good job. It was funny and her material was funny and she was probably my favorite.”

The Stand Up comedy is limited during the semester so when it’s preformed make sure you don’t want to be late!

Senior Kevin Irwin said, “Get here early because it fills quickly and it’s kinda a small venue and it fills quickly and a lot of students want to be here and I would say to anybody to come later and make sure you get here early and it’s a good time.”