olympic trials

RUNNER’S WORLD | Courtesy Photo

Amber Green, a resident of St. George, Utah, and LDS stay-at-home mother of three, qualified to run the Olympic Marathon Trials at the Grandma’s Marathon, according to Runner’s World.

Green said it took her five attempts and incredible perseverance to qualify for the Olympic Trials.

Green said her children have been her biggest motivation in running and qualifying.

“I just wanted to show them that it doesn’t matter — you’re going to fall down, you’re going to have some heartbreaks and you’re going to have to have some hard times,” she said in an interview with Runner’s World. “You just have to get back and try again. So they really, truly were my motivation.”

Green said she runs approximately 125 miles each week during a 6-day block. She said she refrains from running on Sundays out of respect for her LDS faith.

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