University Relations sent out a notice to all faculty and students around 3 p.m. notifying them of the anticipated changes in leadership at BYU-Idaho:

Several leadership changes have been announced at BYU-Idaho that will impact you as a student. 

First, Fenton L. Broadhead, who has served as Academic Vice President since April 2008, plans to retire this fall. His departure creates the need to name a new Academic Vice President. Henry J. Eyring has been selected to fill this role. Brother Eyring currently serves as the Advancement Vice President, with oversight for University Relations, the Alumni Office, Pathway, and LDS Philanthropies. He previously served as an Associate Academic Vice President with responsibility for Outreach and Online Learning. 

Brother Eyring began his employment at BYU-Idaho in the fall of 2006. Prior to coming to BYU-Idaho, he worked for a global management consulting firm from 1989 to 1998 and was the director of the MBA program at Brigham Young University from 1998 to 2002.  He is the author of numerous publications related to academic innovation and student learning.

Additionally, Jon F. Linford will serve as the new Online Vice President and focus on the educational quality and spiritual impact of the entire BYU-Idaho online experience. Brother Linford currently serves as the Dean of Foundations and Interdisciplinary Studies. In this position, he has worked with every academic department and college at BYU-Idaho and has played a critical role in the development of online courses. He previously served as an associate dean in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and then as dean of that college.

Brother Linford began his employment at BYU-Idaho in August 2004 as a faculty member in the Department of Music. Prior to coming to BYU-Idaho, he taught music courses at universities in New Mexico and Arizona.

Henry J. Eyring, new Academic Vice President at BYU-Idaho.

Fenton L. Broadhead, currently serving as Academic Vice President at BYU-Idaho, plans to retire this Fall and will be replaced by Henry J. Eyring.

Jon F. Linford, new Online Vice President at BYU-Idaho.