I-Learn 3.0, BYU-Idaho’s new learning management system, is in its transitioning stages and has resources to help students with the change.

Tommy Doll, a freshman studying business management, said he used I-Learn 3.0 for the first time last semester.

“At first I was like, ‘Oh, sweet, I get to try out the new I-Learn. It’s going to be better. Three should be better than two,’” Doll said. “By the end I was thinking, ‘We should stick with two.’”

The “due soon” list is missed in I-Learn 3.0, said Chelsey Wilson, one of six full-time employees devoted to the I-Learn 3.0 transition. Her job is to address the students’ concerns.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.21.07 PM“We are in the middle of a change, and it’s easy to forget why we even needed it in the first place,” Wilson said.

Wilson said I-Learn 2.0 has been failing in its duties for much longer than people know. She said the university has been researching new Learning Management Systems since 2013. With a team made up of students, faculty, online learners, teachers and administrators, four Learning Management Systems were reviewed, scored and voted on.

Wilson said Brightspace, the system behind I-Learn 3.0 won by unanimous vote.

There were three main focuses of the research of the university: technical, functional and vendor relationship, according to the Web page.


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Brightspace is able to handle the growth of the university, and it will be less likely for the site to crash, according to the I-Learn 3.0 Web page.

Wilson said in addition to Brightspace being more mobile friendly, it is more functional for students with disabilities. BrainHoney did not meet the Americans for Disabilities Act, which is illegal.

“It needed to give students an equal opportunity to receive an education,” she said.

Wilson said a relationship with the vendor, or creator of the Learning Management System was important to the university.

Wilson said because of this relationship, the I-Learn employees from BYU-I can work with the Brightspace company to make changes that students are asking the help desk about.

“We know transitions and changes are hard, but we know this new tool is the direction the university needs to go and that it’s going to get better,” Wilson said.

Wilson said there are numerous resources for students and faculty, both on campus and online. In addition to a help email that is monitored regularly, the Student Support Center is trained how to navigate the site and how to help students.

“We are sorry,” Wilson said. “We are sorry you have classes in two systems. That’s hard. We are sorry the due dates systems don’t work the same. That’s so frustrating. I promise it’s going to get better. We just have to get through the transition, and then we will see continued growth and improvement.”

Wilson said I-Learn 3.0 is scheduled to have all courses running by Fall Semester 2016. But, until then, the Learning Management System is not running at its full potential. She said once the transition is complete, the real improvements will be able to benefit every user.

“I’m confident the decision makers are mindful of the student,” Wilson said. “They are mindful of what the students need, they are mindful of the industry in which the students are going in to, and this decision was made for them.”

Although the transition is still in process, Wilson said she is just thankful.

“I want to thank the students for their patience, and I’m confident it’s going to get better,” she said.