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Protests, fires, terrorist attacks, shootings and deaths all on June 14.

According to ABC, two dozen people were detained for being involved in acts of violence against officers, in Venezuela.

BBC reported that 30 people died, so far, in a fire in England.

AP News published that 17 people died in a suicide attack in Somalia.

“A gunman … opened fire on Republican congressmen gathered at a baseball practice (in Alexandria, Virginia), shooting four in an attack that stunned the capital and prompted both parties to set aside partisan differences,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to NBC News, a gunman killed three people and left two injured, in a UPS complex in San Francisco.

We, as Scroll staff, believe that students should work hard to be informed about what is happening around the world and prepare to change it.

Unfortunately, the news lately hasn’t been very good. Tragedies, terrorist attacks, accidents and deaths of innocent people fill the newspapers headlines every day.

We, as students, may think there is not much we can do to change the world.

With that mindset, maybe we really won’t be able to help much. If we work hard and use the resources that are available to us in this university, we might be able to become qualified professionals and change the world.

We were reserved to come to Earth in this season. We don’t have to be like most millennials who just care about themselves and don’t bother knowing about what is happening in the world.

We are the future of our countries.

Are we preparing ourselves the best way we can to become the best doctors, lawyers, nurses, journalists, politicians and so forth of the future?

The Telegraph published that after the fire in England last week, “a charity has urged people to stop donating items for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster because they are no longer needed.”

People donated more than £73,000 for those affected in the fire, according to The Telegraph.

We can do something too. We have so many resources on campus that can help us qualify to be the best ones there is in the world.

The learning model teaches us how to learn and teach one another. If we use it correctly, then once we graduate, we will be masters in teaching and communicating with people from different backgrounds.

We can use the tutoring center, take advantage of the Get Connected program, join an academic society and network. We can have a closer relationship with our teachers and learn from their experience.

We can volunteer as student ambassadors, Pathway speaking partners, devotional ushers and even as participants in student activities.

“(The) graduates of BYU-Idaho will become legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve,” said President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency in a devotional address.

No matter what brought all of us to BYU-I, we can indeed become legendary professionals in the future, like President Henry B. Eyring promised.

Legendary people can change the world.


“(The) graduates of BYU-Idaho will become legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve,”

Henry B. Eyring

1st Counselor of the First Presidency, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Maybe we won’t see the results of our hard work in college in the first year after we graduate. It might take a little longer, but we will make a difference in the world.

Everyone has the potential to become whatever they put their minds to.

The problem with our generation is that we don’t want to grow up. It’s too fun to just make friends and live the “fun college life” that normally only lasts four years.

We should never throw away opportunities to progress because we are too lazy or too scared to try.

Do we want to just do what everyone else does or do we want to be different and create change?

If we don’t want to be ordinary, it is time to step up our game and use these four years for our benefit and for the benefit of the people we can influence in the future.

Innocent people are dying around the world and we, sometimes, don’t even try to spend a couple minutes of our day finding out what caused those deaths.

The future is in our hands. What are we going to do with it?

It is time for BYU-I students to stop fearing failure and take more risks. It is time to qualify. It is time to care.

We have the resources. We have the potential. It is time to care. It is time to act.