Here are nine great tips to help you maintain your computer and keep it in good shape:

1. Is your laptop overheating too often?

Put it on the top of an egg crate. This will help keep it cool, according to

2. Is your keyboard a little dirty and you can reach between the keys?

Use the sticky part of Post-Its to clean it, according to

3. Cluttered Desktop?

If you have a Mac, do not clutter your desktop; it will slow down your computer, according to

4. Did you close a tab by accident?

Press CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen that tab, according to

5. Trying to find a solution for your computer problem online?

Type “solved” with your problem and you will find the answer much faster, according to

6. Do you want to download a video from YouTube?

All you need to do is type “magic” between “you” and “tube” on the URL of the video. Ex:… , according to

7. Looking for images for your project?

Press “alt” and click on any image on google to save it to your computer automatically, according to

8. Did you close that research project without saving it and the auto-save didn’t work?

Go to “this pc” (or my pc) and search for .asd and the document will be there, according to

9. Do you want your battery life to last longer?

Use the 80/20 method. You charge your computer from 20 percent to 80 percent. This way the battery will not be overused and its life spam will be prolonged, according to