Keep your romance from fizzling out

Story by Lana Strathearn.  Valentine’s Day may bring a sense of love into the atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean those feelings will naturally last forever. There are couples falling out of love and marriages falling apart. Around 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, according to American Psychological Association. In the United States, there are…


The who/when/why behind fashion

Written by Hannah Merrifield.  It is not a mystery that as the times change so does fashion, but the question is, why? When a typical college student is picking out clothes for a day of class or a date, what is it that has them reaching for jeans instead of Hammer pants? Fashion is a popular…



Written by Breanne Gibb.  Jumping in a pool of ice-cold water then racing across the snow into a hot tub is what Rexburg locals call fun. Participants who attended the SnowFest held at Smith Park in Rexburg on Saturday, Jan. 30, do this willingly each year. The Polar Bear Swim, as described before, is one…

Monica Diaz, Senior

How attached are you to your phone?

In a recent Scroll survey, 97 percent of students reported feeling that the millennial generation is addicted to their cell phones. “I worry that I might be too attached to my phone,” said Andrew Farmer, a freshman studying engineering. “I think that it’s a significant problem with society today because we are missing important face-to-face…

saving money

How to save money on the essentials

Story by Sarah Higley It is a dream long awaited: overpriced textbooks, mounds of student loan debt and housing hardly worth the price. It is also known as college — every high school graduate’s dream come true. The average cost to attend a private university for one academic year is a startling $47,831, according to…

Dating column

When dating apps get dangerous

Kaity Elisa (name has been changed), a student at BYU-Idaho, said she met her husband on a social media app, but before this success she encountered many men with ill intentions. Elisa said there was one guy in particular that showed potential, but that notion quickly dissipated. She said they hung out with friends on the…


Can boys and girls just be friends?

27 Dresses, 13 Going on 30 and My Best Friend’s Wedding are more than just popular movies. What do all they all have in common? Solid, undeniable proof: men and women can’t be just friends. It is possible that some people have had a best friend of the opposite gender. Maybe they are still best friends,…


New gym dress policy causes debate

Wearing leggings and yoga pants in the gym. Does that fit the standards? Leggings have become a controversial topic at BYU-Idaho. The dress and grooming standards prohibit students from wearing leggings as casual wear; however, the gym now has a new policy. “The students’ definition of loose-fitting has changed over the past few years,” said…


Reaching your millennial potential

Lazy. Connected. Liberal. Narcissistic. Educated. Idealistic. Tolerant. Compassionate. Healthy. Throughout the media, these adjectives are only a few of those used to describe Millennials. Studies have been done mapping out the relationship trends, political opinions and spending habits among the generation that makes up one-third of the U.S. population, according to Pew Research Center. For…

Sean Cobb, 2nd Semester, Psychology Major, Alayna Husdon, 1st Semester, Health Science major

Five rules for dating at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho conducted some studies during Spring Semester 2015 and found there are more than 10,000 single students in the university, according to the BYU-I website. BYU-I is known as “BYU-I-do” among BYU-I students. The university is also known as a place to find dates and get married. “Do not lose who you are, ensure every…

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