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People of Conference: Andrew and Sarah Helwig’s story

Story written by Sam Dalton For Andrew Carver and Sarah Helwig, Temple Square has become their latest rendezvous point in their long distance relationship “I’m from San Jose California,” Sarah said. “I’m from right outside Baltimore,” Andrew added. They met each other while Andrew was on an internship in California. They’ve made it work by…

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Making the most out of your degree

Written by Sarah Higley. Landing a job after college requires more than just a high GPA or good academic standing, but involves a large group of extracurricular activities that can make or break finding a job after graduation. Making the most of a major in college requires effort. Most institutions provide students with the opportunity to…

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What are guys looking for in a girl?

Written by Brie Boss. Everywhere you look, relationships are forming. Some men spoke up about what they are attracted to in women. Five male students spoke about what they are attracted to in women. In particular, they mentioned physical attractiveness, personality and spirituality. “Prior to marriage, a girl caught my attention by how she acted,…

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