Badger Creek can be a tough place to work at during the winter season, but the BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center has created meaningful experiences for both students and staff.

For newcomers, learning how to overcome a fear of meeting new people or zip-lining for the very first time can be scary.

“I’m terrified of heights, so being able to climb up the power pole — although I didn’t get to the top — I was really excited,” said Camilla Plate, a freshman studying international studies.

Little did she know she set the example for others by being the first to challenge the height of the power pole.

“I was worried that I would chicken out, but everyone was really supportive and had a go-getter attitude, and I was really excited for that,” said Plate.

Along with Camilla, many others faced the same fear of heights as they made their way up and around the pole.

“It’s a lot of fun because I get to do the stuff also, and it’s just fun to watch people grow and overcome their fears,” said Kelly Annhall, a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation.

The Outdoor Learning Center is also open to students who are interested in working during their off-track.

“It was definitely something I thought was important for me as I quickly began to grow and become better than I was before and I was able to see changes in myself,” said Christopher Stokes, a staff member at Badger Creek.

Volunteer opportunities are also available to those interested in learning new skills.

“I needed hours for one of my classes, so I was like ‘Yeah, I’ll go try out,’ and then I just loved it,” Annhall said. “Then I just kept doing it.”

Whether you’re a staff member, a volunteer or someone just looking for a good time, the Outdoor Learning Center will give you the experience you’re looking for.

“The team work that we built and the trust that we built in each other was very interesting because I was not expecting that of all thing, Plate said. “I just went up to have fun, and being able to go up and feel love towards these other people that I have never meet before was a very unique experience.”