Lindsey Sterling performed her last concert of the year at BYU-Idaho Friday night.

Hundreds of fans came to watch her unique talent of dancing while playing the violin.

“She’s amazing,” said Jake Hopkins, a senior studying communication. “The ability to dance and sing and play the violin. The amount of energy that she gives, you can tell it takes so much out of her. But for her fans, she gives it all. I really enjoyed it.”

Lindsey’s skill puts most people in a state of awe when they watch her perform.

“It was so awesome! I was blown away that she was playing and dancing at the same time because either of those would either of those would be really hard for me. Both of those together was really cool,” said Abby King, a freshman studying mechanical engineering.

Throughout the performance, Lindsey shared with the audience uplifting messages of love, hope and endurance. She even shared her own story of overcoming depression.

“I felt that she did a really good job in between songs, talking a little bit about her life story and how this music has helped bring her out of her state of depression and how she hopes that it can bring everybody out of their problems and out of their depression as well,” said Nick Christensen, a senior studying communication.

Everyone has a different problem but that doesn’t stop Lindsey from inspiring everyone.

“I don’t deal with depression, but I do have my own challenges and my own dreams. It’s just inspiring to me that she was able to over come that and still make something very beautiful out of that,” says Malinda Liddell who attended the concert.

Positivity shines through from the inside and makes the outside appear more beautiful.

“I just really loved what she spoke on before and how you can change and become a better person, and that just really inspired me to always stay positive and to always have that hope to become a better person,” says Brianna Aguilar a freshman studying health science.

Having the ability to touch the hearts of her audience, Lindsey helps others realize just how special they are.

“I definitely feel inspired to focus more on the positive and I think that was the big thing during the crystallization song. She talks about how we can physically actually make ourselves beautiful on the inside. And I thought that was really inspiring for a lot of people. In our day and age a lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety, all these things. And focusing on positive thoughts on the inside, making ourselves worthwhile, perfect, beautiful on the inside, and not caring so much about the outside, I thought they were very inspiring,” said Hopkins.