In this small town, two young BYU-Idaho freshmen are trying to make a mark in the entertainment scene of Rexburg. Bowen Hunsaker and Madi Olsen have founded a duo DJ group by the name of Mbatti that performs in the local area.

“I have performed at The Shed twice, and then me and DJ Mad and DJ Fitchbass threw our own event at the middle school right down the street,” said Hunsaker, founder of Mbatti.

Music has been said to inspire. In this case, Mbatti was inspired by the preexisting DJ scene here in Rexburg.

“The first party of the semester, I went there and I was kind of like, ‘this doesn’t seem too hard. I could probably do this’,” Hunsaker said. “And then I just made all the connections, and it came together; more of just like the realization that it is something I wanted to do and something I could do.”

Working with someone else on stage has its own pros and cons. It allows the group to be more creative, but it has its own conflicts as well.

“Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult because we both have two completely different styles,” said Olsen, co-founder of Mbatti. “So, he will basically transition the songs, but then I will do sound effects and everything, and we will switch off every couple songs or so. I am more into trap remixes and he does hip-hop, but we basically just combine them together, so not a lot of conflict.”

Since their time here is limited, they explained what their plans are for the future in the music industry.

“I’m enjoying my time here,” Hunsaker said. “I plan on making more connections. I have two shows in Boston this summer through connections I made and one in Dallas — just kind of have fun with it and see where it takes me,” said Bowen.

“Right now, we are just having fun I think, but I definitely want to go into music production or working with some sort of music label,” Olsen said.

This is just a small piece of the pie that is Rexburg’s music scene. There are other DJs that perform here, and Mbatti is just one of many.