Photos by: Scott Austin

Rexburg firefighters were able to put out a blaze that broke out at the Kmart discount store in Rexburg on July 2. No injuries were reported.

“Bystanders saw what they thought was a fire out in the field and it turned out to be right back in the corner of the store,” said Captain Robert Kohler of the Madison County Fire Department. “There was no involvement in the store and now we’re just trying to figure out what caused the fire.”
Kohler said the management did their job, evacuating the store’s patrons and employees quickly.
“No one was hurt,” Kohler said. “Everyone got out of the building. As soon as the managers heard that a fire was reported, they got over the loudspeaker asking for everyone to get out of the building. Everyone was evacuated and accounted for.”
Marilyn Berrett, who was working at the service desk at the time of the fire, said that a woman came inside to say there was a fire near one of the outside corners of the store.
“The manager told me to call 911, but another person came in from outside and said that he’d already called,” Berrett said. “We got all the customers out of the building.”
The flames were peaking at about the height of the building’s roof, Kohler said.  The fire was extinguished fairly quickly and there wasn’t significant damage to the building.
“It was localized pretty much to that one corner of the store. The roof and structure of the building is all intact,” said Kohler.