Vandal tags local businesses and sites around city

Members of the Rexburg Police Department responded to calls from local businesses that reported vandalism to their property.

Captain Randy Lewis of the Rexburg Police Department said that on Thursday at 7 a.m., Rexburg police received a call from a city worker that the Rexburg Skate Park had been vandalized with graffiti the night before. At 8 a.m., police received another call reporting that Soda Vine, a soda shop, had also been vandalized in the same manner.

Shayla Davis (Shayla Davis, Scroll)

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

“They both have the same paintings and so forth,” Capt. Lewis said. “So what we feel is that possibly the same person that hit the Vine also hit the skate park.”

The vandal spray painted characters from Star Wars and also painted a police officer on the wall of Soda Vine. The vandal tagged each piece with catch phrases like “Hail Santa” and “I’m glad you’re outside.” Each piece was signed with the name “Foxy.”

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

“We don’t take this lightly,” Capt. Lewis said. “This is very serious. It costs a lot of money. It gives the city a bad look. It’s not their property. They’re trespassing. They’re damaging property. There’s nothing good about it.”

Capt. Lewis said there are many cameras around businesses in Rexburg and that they will be going through the recordings to find the vandal. The vandal has not yet been identified; however, police are certain that it is the same vandal for all of the reports.

Mark Hamilton, manager of Shredded Fitness, a supplement store located in downtown Rexburg, said that his business had also been hit.

“There’s a tree in Porter Park that got tagged, and then there’s one over here at La Jolla that has been done for a while,” Hamilton said. “It has to be the same person. It has to be.”

Shayla Davis (Shayla Davis, Scroll)

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

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  1. April 25, 2016 @ 3:28 pm Troy Prigmore

    It’s interesting to see how every city has the similar problem as far as crime, I thought the was very good.


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