Runnin 4 Sweets is Rexburg’s local candy and specialty soda store.

Inside is what’s likely the largest collection of root beer in southeast Idaho.

This collection of soft drinks, however, is up for sale.

Mike Lehman, manager of the next door Orphanage Support Services Organization on Main Street, is the owner of Runnin 4 Sweets.

Lehman has over 100 varieties of different brands of root beer, with names such as Dang! That’s Good, Brigham’s Brew and Virgil’s.

“I have tried them all,” Lehman said. “Every time we get a new one in, we take it home and everybody samples it.”

With so many options, his customers are not always sure which ones to pick.

Thankfully, they can turn to Lehman for help. He’s sampled every one of them.

“The Virgil’s Bavarian is really good,” Lehman said, adding that he also recommends the flavors of Hank’s Root Beer and Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer.

As delicious as these may sound, there’s more to Runnin 4 Sweets than soda.

Customers also come to satisfy their sweet tooth on the wide selection of bulk candy Lehman holds in stock. In fact, Lehman said most of the products in his store have come by the suggestions of loyal customers.

“My wife really likes their caramels covered in chocolate,” said Chris Bennett, {{who is }}a regular customer at Runnin 4 Sweets.

Holding a similar variety to their root beer, Runnin 4 Sweets holds other soda flavors and unique candies from around the world.

A staple of the Rexburg community, Runnin 4 Sweets has taught this small Idaho town that sweetness is a language everyone speaks.