LA TIMES | Courtesy Photo

LA TIMES | Courtesy Photo

In response to increasing concerns about the drought in California, the Los Angeles Temple has gone without water for about a month, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The once-green central front lawn of the Los Angeles temple is now 13 acres of patchy brown grass.

The water reduction was voluntary on the part of the Church, however, pressure to reduce water usage in Los Angeles has been amplified by California state and local officials’ recent pleas, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Although the Church has issued a statement that voices their continued support for the reduction of water usage, the lawn will soon be watered a little to keep it from remaining brown, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Andrew Salgado, a previous Los Angeles resident and current BYU-Idaho professor, said he feels that the Church is setting an example by not letting the appearance of the temple overshadow the importance of conserving water in the drought.

“Obviously it doesn’t look as beautiful as it would with the green grass, but the Church has always said how we need to use our finances to be an example,” Salgado said. “We’re in this huge drought, and if we’re not an example during a drought, then what’s the point? What message would that portray?”

Salgado was married with his wife in the Los Angeles Temple, but he said what the outside of the temple looks like doesn’t matter to him, as long as what’s inside is still available.

“The inside of the temple is still amazing and beautiful even if the grounds aren’t,” Salgado said. “It’s what’s inside that counts. If the Lord gives us rain, then we’ll give you green grass.”