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The Lost and Found Sale will occur Friday, June 26, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Hyrum Manwaring Center’s special events room.

With such a large student population, BYU-Idaho’s Lost and Found receives between 30 and 50 items everyday said Sara Cross, a junior studying child development, who currently works for the Information Desk in the MC where the Lost and Found is located.

“We get a good chunk of things in the morning when the janitors bring in stuff after they clean,” Cross said.

Items unclaimed after 60 days are put in the Lost and Found Sale that occurs once a semester, according to BYU-I’s website.

“I think a lot of people don’t even know we have a lost and found,” Cross said. “I’m always surprised by the amount of stuff that isn’t claimed.”

“I would definitely recommend going,” said Luisa Silva, the Lost and Found’s walk-in coordinator and a junior studying exercise physiology said,  “It’s fun, and everything is super cheap.”

Silva said they have an inventory sheet in order to see the trends of what people bought in the past and at what price. If it looks like items are too expensive, their price is lowered.

“I bought gloves,” said Hannah Basham, a junior studying healthcare administration, about a past experience at the Lost and Found Sale. “I would have bought a lot of other things if I hadn’t been on a budget.”

“There’s a lot of cool stuff, like sporting equipment, that gets put in the sale for super cheap,” Silva said.

Basham said that this semester, she will look for a new water bottle.

“At least 75 percent of the items are sold,” Silva said. “Everything we don’t sell, we save for the next semester’s Lost and Found Sale or donate if it doesn’t look like something anyone would buy.”

Silva said that only a certain amount of people are allowed into the special events room at a time in order to prevent crowding.

“When I went, there was a long line, but I think it depends on when you go,” Basham said.

As a precursor to the Lost and Found Sale, an auction will be held Thursday, June 25, from 1-2 p.m. at the Crossroads stage in order to show off some of the fancier items they have to offer, Silva said. People who wish to participate can get an auction paddle at the Information Desk.