Madison Middle School celebrates Madison County’s Centennial with a History Fair to express their gratitude of the significance Madison County has held for Rexburg.

The County Commissioners organized the event, encouraging locals to participate. Awards were given to participants within certain categories like Adult Divisions, Youth Divisions, Individual Performance, Gro Art Exhibits and more. Brenda Slade, a local of Rexburg, won first place in the adult division.

“When I heard about the fair, I really like anything photography, but I thought it would be really neat to show how one generation kind of affects the next generation or all the way down, through images,”  Slade stated, “and it gave me the idea to do this mixed collage of generations just showing everything our ancestors have done that have brought us to where we are today.”

Other participants included local youth and families explaining their history in the county and even to Ricks College.
Some of the younger citizens even participated showing off their vibrant talent in creating the past. Kaitlyn Crawford, a high school student new to the county, participated by writing a play based off WW2 historical letters.

“Well for a future career option, I would like to write plays and movie, so I figured I might as well start somewhere and the history fair was a good place to start,” Crawford shared.

The county was established on November 8th, 1913 and holds a history worth learning about. Historical buildings, like the Court house and the original Spori building have played an important role in the County’s growth. Commissioners touch on the diversity the county holds and where it lies.

“I think even the students who are passing through, they may not have deep and strong feelings for Madison County,”  began Kimber Ricks, County Commissioner, “but as they learn about the history of this place, it can inspire them to learn about their own history.”

Anyone can visit the Rexburg Court House on Main Street to see a permanent history exhibit dedicated to the Madison County Centennial.