Madison Memorial Hospital is hosting the Idaho Preparedness Expo to better inform the community on the survival skills necessary to survive various disaster situations.

The free event takes place Saturday, Sept. 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Madison High School.

Megan Davis, Madison Memorial Hospital intern and a junior studying communication, said the expo will offer more than 30 classes covering preparedness topics from basic first aid and emergency response to disaster experts discussing new discoveries about Yellowstone seismic activity.

“A large portion of our population is made up of college students,” Davis said. “How many college students have a food storage, a 72-hour kit or even a day’s worth of water supplies? We live in a time where natural and man-made disasters are common. Attending this expo will help individuals gain the knowledge and confidence they need to be prepared for any kind of disaster.”

Davis said Madison Memorial Hospital has been contemplating hosting an emergency preparedness event for a few years and worked with Jefferson County that has had successful similar events for multiple years.

“We hope that each individual living in our community takes this day to prepare themselves more through attending the trainings that are happening during this event,” Davis said. “We hope that each individual walks away with a list of things that they are going to do in order to become more prepared for their own emergencies and maybe get to the point where they will be able to help their families or roommates.”

Those interested in attending the Idaho Preparedness Expo can visit Idaho Prepare’s website for a schedule of the events and a full list of speakers.