Madison Memorial Hospital installed a new information management system two weeks ago.

The system, CrossChx, is an information queue that has been designed for patients to have a safe, consistent and trustworthy experience, according to the CrossChx website.

“When (patients) come in their first time for their fingerprint, we do ask for identification to make sure it is them, and then that way, their identity is kept secret, too,” said Mindy Muir, an admitting clerk at Madison Memorial. “If they come in again and put their fingerprint in and it doesn’t match, we can say ‘Um, you’re not the right person,’ so there’s lots of benefits.”

Patients register in the system by entering basic information, according to a video on the Madison Memorial Hospital Facebook page.

“Once they are in our system, they put their fingerprint on there once, it brings up their information so even anybody that has this system nationwide will have their information in there,” Muir said.

The CrossChx systems’ purpose is to better serve patients and helps to better safeguard the identity of patients, according to a video on the Madison Memorial Hospital Facebook page.

“When they do come into our booth, we get a little finger stamp, and it brings up their medical record number and all that stuff for us,” Muir said.

Muir said information is displayed on the screen hanging above the booths as part of the front lobby.

Muir said the screen is for the patients to look at as they wait for their turn to enter a booth. She said that when it comes time for the patient to go in, the CrossChx system makes a dinging sound and the screen displays the last four digits of their phone number.

Muir said patients’ addresses and phone numbers are taken inside the booth, face-to-face, rather than being put into CrossChx.

“All of that is still taken back in the booth, so it’s not public, and the reason we do it by the phone number is so that nobody knows who they are out here either; it is still private,” Muir said.

CrossChx wants to provide an innovative patient experience, according to the CrossChx website.

Muir said the system works across the nation, so if someone has put information into CrossChx in another state, it will be carried through the system to Idaho.

Identity thieves have stolen personal information, such as prescriptions, healthcare and medical equipment, from millions of Americans, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Muir said Madison Memorial has had some issues with identity theft in the past.

“We don’t have as much as other places, but we have had issues in the ER where people come in and use all different names so that they don’t have to pay for it in the long run,” Muir said.