GIDEON COESENS | Courtesy Photo

GIDEON COESENS | Courtesy Photo

The Romance Theatre will host Relatively Magic, a magic show, April 2 at 8 p.m.

The faces of Relatively Magic are Gideon Coesens, a sophomore studying business management, and his sibling Ammon Coesens.

The theme of the show is a battle to discover who will be the better magician.

“The show that I have is called sibling rivalry,” Gideon Coesens said. “I like to make themes throughout my show because if you just do tricks, then it’s not that cool, but if you mix it with a drama performance, then people are more interested in it, and so I do it with my brother.”

Gideon Coesens said he performed Fall Semester 2014 at the Romance Theatre but this time he wanted to include his brother.

“The theme is how siblings are always fighting, so me and my brother are going to be competing magicians to show who is the better magician,” Gideon Coesens said. “He is the rookie who has more of a fire for it, and I am more of the seasoned professional who kind of knows what I am doing.”

Gideon Coesens said he put on a show last November and had a lot of requests to come back. He said he is excited to perform again.

“There will be all kinds of tricks, mainly us trying to one-up each other,” Gideon Coesens said. “We have a few card tricks, not too many, and then we are going to do mind reading tricks, or tricks where things are teleporting throughout the theatre.”

Gideon Coesens said he creates his own tricks, but he gets inspiration from famous magicians.

“Ever since my last show ended, I have worked on creating all new tricks, and so I went back to the drawing board and writing all sorts of tricks,” Gideon Coesens said.

Gideon Coesens said the audience will not see his tricks anywhere else.

He said he started magic in the fifth grade and used it as a way to talk to people because he was shy.

“The trick that I do the most often is called the hustle, and basically it is a card trick,” Gideon Coesens said.

Gideon Coesens said this is his brother’s first time performing, and he thinks Ammon is nervous for the show.

“He is kind of shy, but in my last show I brought my brother up on the stage impromptu because I thought it would be funny,” Gideon Coesens said. “I told him to entertain the audience while I went backstage to prepare.”

“I like to do card tricks,” Ammon Coesens said. “I want the people to think the show was awesome.”

Like his brother, Ammon Coesens is ready to get over his shyness.

“Magic tricks will help with stage fright,” Ammon Coesens said. “The more I do it, the easier it will be. It helps me relate to people, interact and it is a great icebreaker.”

Ammon Coesens said he thinks the audience will have fun and really enjoy it.

“I would want them to go out and want some more of the show,” Ammon Coesens said.

Kylee Orr, a freshman studying nursing, said she was blown away by Gideon Coesen’s performance last semester.

Orr said the performance should be even better than last time.

“Gideon is really good with people,” Orr said. “For his show last semester he had magic tricks, but along with that he told his own personal story about how he got into magic. It made it a lot more interesting and personable.”

Orr said she could see him going a long way with his magic tricks.

“I’m excited to see the audience’s reaction and how they get pumped for his tricks,” said Seth Powelson, a freshman studying business management. “After the show I want to feel confused on how he did his tricks, and just not sure what happened.”

Powelson said he likes Gideon Coesens because he does not do basic tricks.

“His performance is unique because he puts so much into it,” Powelson said.

Ammon Coesens said he cannot wait to see the audience’s faces and reactions to their show.

Tickets can be purchased at the theatre for $5 or online at

“He will blow their minds with magic,” Powelson said.