Lights, sound, timing, and much coordination went into preparing magic moments.

Magic Moments is a Disney themed event where students sing and dance to Disney songs. The crew behind the show took careful heed to make sure things went well.

Auria Kirkendall, a sophomore who was Manager of the Show said,  “I love feeling like, I was able to help someone, showcase their talents and develop their talents, and grow, from the experience and that’s what we do behind the scenes is we provide an opportunity for people to share there talents with others and it lifts others.”

Aaron Madero, a sophomore who was the Master of Ceremonies of Magic Moments said,  “I do these things it helps just build, build those talents build those skills and so I think that’s why I keep coming back because I always grow I always come out of each show um a little better.”

Some times you must have the strength of a raging fire and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon to perform for the magic moments show.

The magic moments show was filled with excitement as the performers showed their renditions of Disney Songs

Reporting from the Kirkham Auditorium, I’m Jacob Stephens, Scroll Digital