MARIANA ALVES | Scroll Photography

MARIANA ALVES | Scroll Photography

The Academic Discovery Center will present the Major Fair in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center ballrooms on Wednesday from 1-5 p.m.

Teachers, department heads and administrators representing more than 80 majors will answer questions from students about the majors that they represent.

Will Gierke, marketing and events coordinator for the Academic Discovery Center, said the purpose of the fair is to help students who are deciding on a major to make an informed choice.

“It’s really for anybody unless they’ve completely declared what they will do,” Gierke said.

Some students have expressed uncertainty about choosing a major.

“It would be very beneficial to go to the fair,” said Kacy Jackson, a freshman studying child development. “You have so many options to choose from, career-wise, and making the decision takes a lot of time, study and prayer before you can truly decide. It’s ser hard doing it on your own and wondering if you will love your job 20 years down the road.”

According to the Major Fair page on, Discovery Center staff members encourage students to ask questions about careers, requirements for specific majors, minors, cluster, emphases, internships, on-campus academic advising, volunteer work and any other questions students have about their fields of study.

“I’m still thinking about my major,” said Maryn Miner, a freshman studying exercise physiology. “I’m not sure what I want to do career-wise yet, but I know I want to change it. I like sports, which is mainly why I chose it, but I am also interested in physics.”

Gierke said between 600 and 700 students attended the Fair last spring. The Academic Discovery Center has held the Major Fair only in Spring Semester but will expand to include other semesters in the future.

“I think it is beneficial to those who are still undecided,” Miner said. “If you can’t decide on a major, go to the fair.”

Students from local high schools are also invited to attend. According to the Major Fair page on, campus tours will also be available throughout the afternoon.

Interior Design faculty, together with 35 BYU-Idaho faculty, staff and administrators, are collaborating to organize a new cluster, Design Thinking, which is already taught at Harvard, Stanford and other universities. BYU-I faculty members will introduce the cluster at the fair.

“This is gonna be the most innovative and useful cluster on BYU–Idaho campus,” said Tahari Julander, committee chair for the new cluster and on the Design and Construction Management faculty. “It will provide them with the most valuable tool for their industry regardless of their major.”

The four majors in the Department of Mechanical Engineering will also be represented.

The mechanical engineering major representatives will display a model for their coming rocket project.

Next year, the automotive technology major representatives will present a prototype of an off-road vehicle being