It’s the beginning of the year and semester, and we have goals and expectations for ourselves.

Here are four ways to make your dreams into realities.

1. Have “compelling why”

“How to Adult,” a YouTube channel hosted by Emma Mills and T. Michael Martin, recommend having a “compelling why” when setting goals. “People are more motivated to make changes when their goals are charged with emotion,” according to “How to Adult.”

Don’t set a goal because you feel like you should. Set one because you believe it’s worthwhile. A goal of reading the scriptures daily is a good goal because doing so will strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father.

2. Don’t break the chain.

When it comes to goals, days can be stepping stones for greatness, but only if you make them count.
Jerry Seinfield and others have found success by using the “don’t break the chain” method, according to an article written by Adam Dachis for Life Hacker. To do this, all you need is a goal, something to work on every day, a calendar and something to write with. Each day you work on your goal, mark an X on the calendar. Soon a chain will start to grow out of the Xs. Keep the chain growing.

3. Write them down.

If you write down your goals, then you will be more likely to accomplish them. Those who write down their specific goals are more likely to achieve those goals, according to an article written by Ashley Feinstein for Forbes. A goal of “be healthier” won’t get you as far as “work out at least 40 minutes a day to lose the freshman 15 by the end of the semester.”

4. Tell select people your goal.
Some people recommend sharing your goals, and other people don’t, according to Keith Hillman in an article written for Sometimes when we tell people our goals, we feel like we’ve already accomplished them. The trick is to tell those who will keep you accountable. So, tell your gym buddy your goal of losing the freshman 15, but don’t post it on Facebook.

These four things will help you keep your goals, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you. You can do this!