Students have been talking about the struggles to find married housing this past year as BYU-Idaho continues to grow. According to, Madison County is the 4th fastest growing county in Idaho.

“As soon as you decide to get married, start looking for housing,” said Zerin Hollingshead, a sophomore studying computer information technology.

Housing is becoming increasingly difficult to find for married students.

“You usually have to wait up to 6 to 10 months” said Tanner Howe, a junior studying civil engineering.

Not only is housing hard to find, but the rent is on the rise.

“Our rent only went up 15 dollars when we renewed our contract, but it was actually supposed to go up again.” said Briar Jacobsen, a junior studying nursing.

The Housing and Student Living department at BYU-I has been affected even though their responsibility lies with approved single student housing.

“We have a lot more student traffic coming in and the phone calls because it has been really tight,” said Lynette de Haan, BYU-I Housing Office Assistant.

According to BYU-I Statistics released for Winter Semester 2017, it showed a total campus enrollment of 21,672 students, an increase of 23 percent over winter’s campus enrollment in 2015. The number of married students is 5,662, and has never been higher, comprising 25 percent of the total campus student population.

“As far as the university-owned housing, we are not doing anything as far as that is concerned. We are aware of several other projects in the area that are coming on board that will be available for the married students,” said Haan.

If you’re currently thinking of getting married, the housing managers suggest to plan ahead of time. There are several available sites to check out married housing, such as the BYU-I bulletin board, community housing list or the Facebook group Rexburg Renters.