Dating is a planned activity that “can help you learn and practice social skills, develop friendships, have wholesome fun and eventually find an eternal companion,” according to the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.

Students may wonder what dating advice young single adults can get from married couples.

Shawn Li, a sophomore studying computer science who has been married for four months, said the key element to a successful relationship is that you need to be willing to sacrifice your time and effort to do the things that would make your partner happy.

Li said a lot of people would try to find their “Mr. or Ms. Right.” He said young single adults shouldn’t keep changing their dating partner to find the perfect one.

“I believe there is no perfect person waiting for you, but you can be that perfect person yourself,” Li said. “Try to be the best you can while you are dating someone, and just keep working on yourself to be that perfect person for the people you are dating with.”

Makayla Bateman, a junior studying child development, said she has been married to Ben Bateman for three months.

Makayla Bateman said she understands it can be a struggle to choose who to marry.

“Don’t settle, but don’t look for perfection,” Makayla Bateman said.

Makayla Bateman said young single adults can list the things which are important to them in the relationship.

“Obviously they are not going to fit the criteria, but you are able to do certain things with he or she that you have expected your whole life, then you can kind of know if he or she is the right one for you,” Makayla Bateman said.

Ben Bateman, a sophomore studying business and marketing, said after he came back from his mission, he had the mentality that he needed to get married quickly. Because of the mentality he had, he said he felt dating became more serious instead of having fun.

Ben Bateman set a goal to not get married for a year and to just enjoy dating. Four weeks later, he met Makayla and they got engaged soon after that.

“I found out what everyone says is true,” Ben Bateman said. “You need to marry your best friend.”

Ben Bateman said if people marry for attraction, the relationship usually doesn’t last.

“Stop looking for your bride and start looking for your best friend,” Ben Bateman said.

Bishop Brent Scoville said he has been the bishop in a young single adults ward for a year. He said he encourages the young single brothers to ask girls on a date.

“Guys need to get on the phone and ask girls out in a formal way,” Scoville said. “There is a pain for it, but a girl should know that she is on a date.”

As for the young single sisters, Scoville said that girls can also ask guys out on a date.

An example of this would be asking an apartment of the opposite sex to come over for a game night or to have dinner, that way you can get to know each other in a more informal way.

“As you become more creative with dating, you can have more fun with it,” Scoville said.