Johnathan Yee, a juniro studying physics, was once a martial arts beginner who has now surpassed the student level and become the teacher.

He said leads the Aikido workshop twice a week so he can pass on his knowledge to other students interested in martial arts.

Yee said he teaches students evasive techniques that are intended to help the victim escape without causing too much harm to their attacker.

Jake Forkey, a junior studying mechanical engineering, said he is trying to gain as much knowledge of martial arts as he can.

“I’ve never been super good at martial arts and I do enjoy learning it,” Forkey said. “A lot of it’s for myself, but when I’m the protector of my family I like to feel like it, be it if I can.”

Yee tries to understand the balance and motion behind martial arts. Whether he is studying Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu or Kung Fu he is always trying to better himself and the students because Aikido and martial arts is about something much more than just the physics of self-defense.

“It taught more than how to fight,” Yee said. “It taught you how to be disciplined, taught you respect. It teaches you how to be an example.”