Keith B. McMullin, the chief executive officer of Deseret Management Corporation, shared his testimony of the resurrection with students during last Tuesday’s devotional.

McMullin shared a story of how he shared his testimony with a stranger he met through his travels. This man’s name was Eric. Eric was a professed religious man who said some days he believed in God, but other days said he didn’t know.

“We are all a bit like Eric,” McMullin said. “Sometimes we act like we know, other times we are uncertain.”

McMullin testified to Eric of the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“The scriptures, ancient and modern, are replete with testimonies that we will escape this life alive,” McMullin said. “Because of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are all going to get out of this life alive.”

McMullin said in order to remember the significance of resurrection day, he felt he should make an appointment with himself to be present on resurrection day.

“Decide now that you will be present on the morning of the resurrection,” McMullin said. “Write it down on the calendar of your lives. There is a pathway that leads to this appointment. Put your feet on that path, and you will arrive on time.”

McMullin said that resurrection and judgment are closely linked, and he reiterated the importance of deciding where we will be on resurrection day.

“We alone have the power to make this most crucial decision, and time’s a wastin’,” McMullin said. “I ask you therefore this question. ‘Where will you be on resurrection morning?’”