Written by Jamal Taylor.

Music is life for Christian Van Hoose, a freshman studying exercise physiology and one of the three finalists for Last Voice Standing.

“I’ve been in choir throughout all of my years in school, and I loved it,” Van Hoose said. “It provided me with such memorable experiences all over California, New Orleans and Italy.”

He said he comes from a family that all have an interest in music.

“I’m the youngest child in my family, and my siblings all listen to different types of music, so we’re all musically inclined in our own ways,” he said. “I started teaching myself piano when I was 6, I joined choir in the third grade, and I started to teach myself guitar during my freshman year of high school.”

Van Hoose said music is big in his life but he has other hobbies as well.

“My hobbies include singing, piano, playing guitar and basically wanting to learning any and every instrument,” he said. “My family and friends are everything to me, so I spend as much time with them as I can. I can jump pretty high, and I love trying to prove that.”

Van Hoose said he has a unique group of favorites.

“My favorite genre of music, artist, and song: such a difficult question,” he said. “Probably indie/alternative first, then country. My favorite artist is for sure Ed Sheeran. My favorite song would have to be Hallelujah, the Foy Vance version.”

He said he first got involved with Last Voice Standing after encouragement from his friends.

“I had a few friends in Last Voice Standing in 2014, and I’m pretty sure it was the first semester of it ever,” Van Hoose said. “So, when I came back in 2015, I tried it out. I made it to the top eight and enjoyed every minute of it. So I decided to try it again this semester.”

He said he does not regret anything concerning the show.

“I’m so glad I did it, because I’ve already grown from it so much,” he said. “I’ve gained a lot of confidence, and I’ve met seriously talented people.”

Van Hoose said he is really excited for next week and everything in store for the finale.

“The next, and last, performance is the finale, and I am so excited for that,” Van Hoose said. “The Kirkham Auditorium is a great stage, and it will be such an incredible experience to perform with an actual band. I’ve never done that before, so it will be very memorable. I’m also anxious to hear Bethany’s and Aubrey’s songs; they have killer voices.”

Does Christian have your support?