SHAYLA DAVIS | Photo Illustration

SHAYLA DAVIS | Photo Illustration

Honesty is the best policy. Men who were asked on campus said honesty is also the key to a successful dating life.

“When you’re dating, there are endless opportunities to make assumptions that can get you into trouble,” said Mark Johnson, a junior studying English. “When you’re open and honest from the beginning, everything is clear. Everything is a lot easier that way.”

Darian Lupton, a sophomore studying nursing, said it is important for people to be honest about their feelings in a relationship.

“If you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to know?” Lupton said.

Johnson said he appreciates it when a woman shares her honest opinion about a date.

“If a date was terrible, I want to know so I can do better,” Johnson said. “I had a girl do that once. It was sad at the moment, but it ended up being really good.”

On the other hand, a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reported that men are more attracted to women who give positive feedback during a date.

Many women feel pressured to hide their interest on a first date, but most men are attracted to women who appear interested, according to Women’s Health Magazine. 

The magazine specifically mentions that warmth and kindness as the most attractive attributes on a first date.

“It’s OK to play it cool if you’re nervous, but I’m not interested in someone who wants to play mind games,” said Paul O’Neill, a senior studying computer science.

Lupton said he feels frustrated when a woman shows more interest than she feels.

“Being led on is the worst,” Lupton said. “If you’re not interested, up-front honesty saves everyone a lot of pain.”

Sam Shields, a sophomore majoring in general studies, said it is best to get straight to the point when delivering bad news.

He said a lot of women preface, “Let’s just be friends,” with a list of compliments.

“It just makes it more confusing,” Shields said. “If you think I’m such a great guy, why are we just friends?”

Johnson said he thinks, “Let’s just be friends,” is a cop-out.

“They say, ‘Let’s be friends,’ but then you never hang out again,” said Johnson. “What they mean is, ‘I’m not interested.’”

Kyle Clark, a junior studying economics, said honesty goes both ways.

“If you’re not interested, just say that,” Shields said. “I would rather know now.”

He said a woman should not be afraid to ask for clarification when she is interested in someone.

“If you don’t know how he feels, just ask,” Clark said.

Johnson said it is important not to define the relationship too soon.

“There is no need to define the relationship on the first date,” Johnson said. “You probably shouldn’t do that.”

Be honest about your feelings and intentions.

If you are not interested, do not be afraid to let him down. If you are interested, do not play it cool. Show your interest.