Mental health: Stop fighting start fixing

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“Roughly a third of the prison population in Idaho suffers from mental illness,” McKnight said. “So it’s a huge issue, and the Department of Corrections is working the best they can to provide mental health sport to those folks in the prison, but most of them shouldn’t even be in there.”

Rexburg is one of the few cities in the country with a mental health court system.

While the mental health court system has been deemed effective not only by those who participate, but also by Idaho law makers and NAMI, it’s a program that is scarce in the more rural areas of Idaho and throughout the country.

While the country’s mental health systems are suffering, politicians are spending their time writing and putting through partisan laws to head off only the possibility of future rumored laws.

The rumors that President Barak Obama may put through a law to violate citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms sparked a reaction from Idaho legislators. An Idaho House committee recently approved a bill which prohibits any deputy sheriff, or other government worker from assisting federal agents who are confiscating weapons.

The Obama Administration said that it has no plans to confiscate weapons or require national firearms registration.

This is what politicians are spending their time on. Gun safety and Second Amendment rights are important, but they will not solve gun violence.

Gun violence will not be solved while our lawmakers — or even we as citizens — are busy worrying about who’s right and who’s wrong.

It will be solved when we start to work together to understand the real problem — when we take the time to find the root.

'Mental health: Stop fighting start fixing' has 1 comment

  1. March 15, 2013 @ 11:03 am Benjamin Bingham

    I’m going to guess that those statistics about those in jail with a mental illness are mostly because of drug use.


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