Editor’s note: The following is a column from the editorial staff.

By now, you’ve seen the countless articles, opinions and debates regarding the presidential elections.

From Trump’s bigoted views on Muslims and immigrants to Carson’s insensitive statements on same-sex attraction, it appears the elections are becoming a competition of who can promote fear, hate and ignorance.Bernie Sanders Quick Fact

Bernie Sanders, however, is the candidate who deserves to be the next president of the U.S. Unlike most politicians currently in the running, Sanders is the only candidate who is running a campaign focused on the American people and on the issues that will benefit all citizens — not just a select few.

“The American people must make a fundamental decision,” according to berniesanders.com. “Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all?”

Bernie Sanders is prepared to take on the economic bullies of our nation and answer the questions that will save the middle class.

“These are the most important questions of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country.”

It used to be that if you worked a full time job, especially with a college degree, you were able to have your basic needs met and support a family. That is not the case today.

Over 10 million working Americans, 4.4 million of those being full-time employees, fell below the poverty line, according to The Washington Post. This is a problem, and Sanders is the only candidate who is taking this issue seriously with a detailed plan that can be found at berniesanders.com.

When it comes to Sanders, what you see is what you get. During debates, he will admit when he agrees with his opponents and will apologize when needed. He has proven throughout his political career that he is a man of integrity, authenticity and sincerity.

In a millennial’s lifetime, they have seen the result of traditional politicians’ carelessness toward our generation. We witnessed them shut down the government and have been left with an unreasonable amount of debt as a lot of us were entering Sanders Mock electioncollege and beginning our adult lives.

Many of us have lost hope that our government is capable of accomplishing anything, especially on issues that will benefit us.

“Then suddenly — in from left field — comes a candidate touting income inequality as his primary platform,” according to CNN. “He’s calling for things most politicians would never be bold enough to demand. And he’s doing so loudly and unconventionally.”

Sanders’ campaign is heavily focused on income wealth and equality. The issue is the middle class is disappearing. He refers it to a “reverse Robin Hood” principle in which the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

“Despite huge advancements in technology and productivity, millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages,” according to berniesanders.com. “The real median income of male workers is $783 less than it was 42 years ago; while the real median income of female workers is over $1,300 less than it was in 2007. That is unacceptable, and that has to change.”

Social equality is a very pressing issue in our society. Whatever your race, gender, sexual orientation or religion might be, Bernie Sanders is fighting for your rights. While the GOP candidates are concerned about discriminating against minorities, Sanders fights for all American citizens and has done so throughout his political career.

Over the last few years, we as a nation have made a lot of progress, but there is still so much more that needs to be accomplished. Bernie Sanders will lead the U.S. in the right direction.