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Be it an ice cream flavor, a starry night or an emotional scar, it appears in a Mindy Gledhill song.

A student, who became a musician, and later a mother; Mindy Gledhill said her love of music has shaped her journey in becoming an artist.

Gledhill is a recording artist originally from Eureka, Calif., who has been performing for about 10 years.

During that time, she has traveled to Japan, New Zealand and throughout the United States. She also lived in Spain for three years. Gledhill currently lives in Utah with her family.

Gledhill said her love for music began in church in her youth. She said she enjoyed watching people sing and listening to their music.

“From a very early age I wanted to become an artist,” she said. “When I was 13 years old, I started to write my first songs, and that is when I knew that this is what I wanted to do.”

After graduating high school, Gledhill attended BYU, where she studied media arts.

Gledhill said the best thing about being able to share her talent is to see how it affect the lives of others.

“I just feel really honored that these songs get to be the soundtrack to people’s lives,” Gledhill said.

Gledhill’s song “All About Your Heart” was rated the seventh most popular song on

According to an article on, this song is based on an actual event from Gledhill’s life.

Gledhill was informed that a friend had been in a plane crash and that the friend and her husband had sustained serious injuries.

Gledhill said the song is about the emotional scars she gained from the experience.

She said it also acts as a dedication to her friends. Gledhill said the main goal of her music is to help people find themselves.

“I feel like the main message I try to give people through my music is that they have worth, and to somehow express to people that they have important gifts and abilities we all need,” she said.

Gledhill said she is grateful for her family’s sport in helping her accomplish her dreams.

“I feel like as a female in this industry, and a mother, it [may not be] traditional to be touring and to be making albums, [but] I took my family to Nashville when we recorded the latest album, and they have been incredibly sportive of that,” she said.

Gledhill said she encourages all BYU-Idaho students not  to create limitations for themselves but to hold on to their goals.

“We all have specific gifts, and we are not given those gifts to hide and not use them,” she said.

Gledhill performed Friday, Sept. 20 in the Kirkham Auditorium.