There are many trends millennials are getting into. One trend in particular reflects the biblical principle of storing one’s treasures in Heaven and not on Earth: minimalism.

Many think that minimalism is simply not having many things, but the definition is deeper than that. Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it, according to

“I live the minimalist lifestyle because I do not like excessive things,” said Anne Warner, a sophomore majoring in international studies. “The things that are most valuable to me are the necessities.”

People who live minimalist lives are not blanketed by the media, which decreases attention spent on things that do not matter, according to

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Warner said she values traveling and she does not want to be limited by money when she wants to travel.

“When I buy things, I buy high quality so that the product will last the longest,” Warner said.

Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are two friends who decided to live a minimalist lifestyle and want to persuade others to do the same. They wrote a book, have a website called the and have a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism.

“I’d like to see minimalism become more popular among students,” said Russel Weaver, a senior majoring in marriage and family studies.

There are many books and programs by non-profit organizations that want to share the joy and the principle of experience over material, according to Becoming Minimalist.

“Materials will give you some short-term gratification,” Weaver said. “I try to invest in things that will have a long-term effect.”

Weaver said a good example of choosing to spend money on long-term gratification versus short-term is spending hundreds of dollars on a family vacation rather than a smart watch or video game console.

“Sure, I would love to have a smart watch,” Weaver said. “However, I would rather build a stronger relationship with my family.”

Minimalism can help others to live in the moment, grow as individuals and experience real freedom, according to The Minimalists. No matter the background, any one person can adapt to the minimalist lifestyle and find that less is more.