President Kevin Miyasaki, student services and activities vice president, suffered a stroke earlier this year; however, he is on the path to recovery.

Robyn Bergstrom, a faculty member in the communication department, said the process for President Miyasaki has been slow, but that he and his wife are currently living with his daughter so that he can be close to family and receive the help he needs.President Miyasaki’s son, Clarke Miyasaki, began giving updates on his father’s condition in March via Instagram. The most recent picture was of President Miyasaki sitting down to enjoy a meal with his family.

“My favorite moments were of him refusing to use anything but hashis (chopsticks) to eat, even though it was really tough,” Clarke Miyasaki said in an Instagram post. “As I left, I asked him if he needed anything and he said, ‘No — well, yes — sandwiches!’ And then he busted out laughing at his joke.”

President Miyasaki’s wife, Cindy Miyasaki, has made efforts to keep friends and loved ones, as well as students, updated on President Miyasaki’s ongoing recovery progress through their blog,

The blog shares videos of President Miyasaki’s progress in physical therapy, as well as pictures of family and friends showing their love and support for him throughout this journey.

“This is quite a journey but also a spiritual journey,” Cindy Miyasaki said in a blog post. “Praying and reading scriptures together has always been a special experience but has taken on a new tenderness now. We’re grateful for the faith, prayers and encouragement of all.”