Molly in the Mineshaft, a folk band that originated in Provo, Utah performed Friday, May 13 at  the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium.  They were given a standing ovation at the end of the show.

They played original pieces, renditions of hymns. holiday songs and a cover of Lady Gaga.

The band members stayed after the show to talk with the audience and to sign autographs.

Siblings Kevin Cabaral, a freshman studying communication and Thamirys Cabral, a junior majoring in international studies, attending      the show said they enjoyed the band’s talent.

“I had never heard about them before,” Thamirys Cabral said. “I have no idea who they are. I don’t know what kind of music they play. But my brother had tickets and said, ‘Let’s go.’”

Kevin Cabral said he really liked the instrumental songs.

“It was really good,” he said. “They were really going on the fiddle there.”

Thamirys Cabral said she was impressed by the band’s level of skill  and talent.

Kevin Cabral said he appreciated the friendliness of the band members.

“I like that they’re very normal on stage,” Kevin Cabral said. “They’re just saying normal jokes. They create a very comfortable environment, so that’s nice.”

Erin Patterson, Scott Monson and Alex Vincent, members of Molly and the Mineshaft, said they really enjoyed performing at BYU-I.

“It was electric,” said Patterson, one the bands vocalists and their mandolin player. “The crowd was amazing. When the crowd is enjoying it, the energy just feeds back and amps it all up. We just want to play even more.”

Vincent, another of the band’s vocalists and their bass player,  said there was a mist on stage that prevented him from seeing the audience but that he felt assured by all the cheering.

“I did see some fist bumps, though,” Vincent said. “And that let me know that people are grooving on this.”

Patterson said that it was a bonus to have the audience laughing at their jokes.

Patterson and Vincent said the people responsible for the sound did a good job and the band  loved hearing their instruments on stage.

“We don’t even need to use good grammar to show how great they were,” Vincent said. “The sound guys was amazing.”

Patterson and Vincent said they enjoyed the ambiance that came from those responsible for the lights, who always coordinated the colors on stage with the mood of the song.

“Everything was top-notch,”   Patterson said.

Patterson and Vincent said their favorite number to perform was a music piece by John Barber.

Monson, the band’s percussionist and pianist, said that his favorite number of the night was “500 miles” by   The Proclaimers.

The band members said it was neat coming out again to perform one last song after getting a standing ovation.

“It makes us happy that they enjoyed the show that much,” Monson said.

Patterson said getting a standing ovation made her want to cry.

“BYU-Idaho has just treated us amazingly,” Patterson said. “We’ve got to give them props. We would love to be back any time.”