On July 6 at 12:30 a.m. a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck seven miles south-southeast of Lincoln, Montana, according to weather.com.

Even though the earthquake was in Montana many residents in Rexburg were able to feel some of the shocks.

Many Rexburg residents turned to Facebook asking fellow community members if they felt the shock as well.

Jinger Johnson posted in the Life in Rexburg page and said, “I was sitting on my couch and felt like someone was wiggling it back and forth but then I looked and saw my rocking chair and baby swing go back and forth too. Did we just have an earthquake?”


From this initial post other community members shared their experience with the earthquake. Comments ranged from “…felt it too. So weird we felt it here!” and “I legit thought I was going crazy last night!! Earthquake came to mind, but then I told myself no way.”



This earthquake was the strongest earthquake to hit Montana in the last 12 years, according to weather.com, and was felt up to 500 miles away.

This earthquake contained nine aftershocks over the next hour it occurred.