At BYU-Idaho the faculty are more than just teachers with degrees.

The teachers here have real world experience. One example of those teachers is Scott E. Franson. Franson has is featured in one of BYU-Idaho’s latest exhibits entitled “Modules, Patterns and Repeats” and opened for public viewing in the Jacob Spori gallery January 9th.

“In the show a lot of the work is mine, but there are also a selection of student work here,” said Scott E. Franson, artist and teacher at BYU-Idaho. “For example, one of the students did the dyed fabric thats upstairs.”

Franson worked with students last semester to create the work displayed in the exhibit. had the opportunity last semester to work with students to create this one of a kind exhibition of work.

“There’s paper, there’s origami things, there’s cast plaster and some ceramic work,” Franson said.

With such an array of different mediums being displayed, the gallery came up with unique solutions to arrange the pieces.

“It was really tricky with this one because there were so many hanging works of art. So that was really interesting to work with and see what can we hang where that wont disrupt what hanging on the walls,” said Lyndsey Marshall the gallery curators assistant.

With large 3D structures both hanging in the gallery and being mounted on the wall, it’s a conscious that this show is one of the more exotic shows to grace BYU-Idaho’s Spori Gallery.

“It’s very hard to produce mass amount of what Scott did. So I don’t know when we’ll have this type of event again,” said Kyoung Dabell, Jacob Spori Art Gallery Curator.

This exhibit of student and teacher collaboration by Scott E. Franson will be available until the 16th of February.