This year the movie The Princess Bride celebrates its 30-year anniversary. To mark the event, a new coloring book was created. “As you Wish, Memorable Quotes to Color” will be in stores in September 26.

Thirty years? Inconceivable! And people still watch it? Yes, they do!

This is not the only movie that continues to gain popularity and stick in the minds of audiences, particularly in Mormon culture. It seems everyone on campus can quote verbatim movies such as Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite and most Disney movies.

“It’s more clean humor; that doesn’t always mean it’s outstanding humor,” said William Montesdeoca, a senior studying software engineering. “But I think that is why it is so popular.”

It also seems that some of these movies are really only popular to Mormons who grew up in what many refer to as the “Mormon bubble”: States like Utah, Idaho or Arizona.

Montesdeoca noted that none of his non-member friends really watch or quote Nacho Libre or Napoleon Dynamite. He grew up in Maryland.

Ana Garcia, a junior studying early childhood/special education, grew up in California. She has never seen Nacho Libre or The Princess Bride, and has only seen Napoleon Dynamite once, and a long time ago. She has a lot of friends here who watch and quote these movies, but she did not grow up with those movies.

“I have noticed, that it is pretty big in Mormon culture to watch a lot of movies, quote them, and have movie parties,” Garcia said.

These movies are also a way for people to bond. If you quote a movie and someone gets the reference, then you already have something in common. Not only that, you now feel like you have something of an inside joke even if you have only just met.

“I can quote the whole movie from the beginning to the end,” said Jacob Hammond, a sophomore studying business management, about Nacho Libre.

Of course, to quote the movie you would have had to watch it. By watching movies such as Nacho Libre or The Princess Bride, it feels like you can have a connection with just about any Mormon.