Whiskers, fellowcro, cookie duster; these are all slang names for what is most commonly known as a mustache.

“Beards are not appropriate,” according to the BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards. “Mustaches, if worn, should be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth.”

Kalin Clegg, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said he had facial hair during his off-track semester, but he shaved it off before starting the new semester.

“I kept letting it grow because people kind of liked it,” Clegg said.

Despite the acceptance of conservative mustaches in the Honor Code, students at BYU-I have mixed opinions about whether or not the ‘stache looks good.

“It really depends on the guy, like his hair type, and how he’s growing the mustache,” said Hannah Estioko, a sophomore studying English. “I feel like you have to be a certain kind of person for them.”

Kalynne Pincock, a freshman studying English, said she feels like guys just grow mustaches to look cool or to show off.

“Even if you can grow a mustache, it doesn’t mean you should,” Pincock said. “You just look pretentious.”

Jared Escujuri, a senior studying biology, said that having a mustache is a sign of being a real man.

“It’s a sign of self-confidence if you can wear one and not be super self-conscious about it,” Escujuri said. “The fact that they’re uncommon makes it desired. We tend to seek out things that are unique.”

Pincock said the aspect of a man’s appearance that attracts her the most is the jawline, and facial hair distracts the admirer from that.

“I’m not sure where the idea came from that facial hair makes you manly; it doesn’t,” she said.

Brandi Danner, a sophomore studying health science, said she would prefer to see a man with a clean-shaven look rather than a mustache.

“It’s more hygienic to be clean shaven,” Danner said. “A lot of bacteria and food particles get stuck in facial hair.”

Escujuri said it did not take too much work to keep his whiskers clean.

“Mine wasn’t a big to-do. I’d use shampoo on it in the shower,” Escujuri said.

He said he had been growing his mustache for a while, but he could tell his girlfriend did not like it, so he decided to shave it off.

“It seems like it would be uncomfortable to kiss,” Estioko said.