Brooke Loesch started playing softball at five years old and has loved it ever since.

“I like competing,” said Loesch, a freshman studying exercise physiology. “I especially like competing with the girls who have the same position as me.”

Loesch said it started when she was five.

“My dad would take me out in the backyard and throw to me, and that’s when it all started,” Loesch said.

Loesch said her dad played football growing up, but tossed baseballs with her to bond with her.

Loesch said she was offered a scholarship to BYU-Hawaii and an offer to Boise State University to play collegiate softball.

Loesch said she played in the USA games and prep-college tournaments, always loved it and looked for a reason to practice more.

Loesch said one of her softball  highlights of playing was during her senior year of high school when she hit a grand slam.

“I hit a home run over a 30-foot high fence when all the bases were loaded,” said Loesch.

Loesch said the state championship game for the World Series was a crazy experience.

“The ball was hit to right field and there was a runner on second,” Loesch said. “The right fielder threw it to me. The runner thought that she could run to home, but I got the ball before she made it and I flipped her so hard she was crawling to home base even though she was already out.”

Loesch said she attributes her success to hard work.

Loesch said she practiced three hours a day on weekdays and five hours on weekends.

She said she was never scared in games.

“I would always tell myself, ‘you got this’ and ‘Show them who’s boss,’” said Loesch.

Loesch knew that she was good in middle school but in high school she knew that she could play at the collegiate level.

Loesch said it was gradual getting to where she is now.

“What made softball more challenging was dealing with the drama and working with people that I really didn’t get along with,” Loesch said.

Loesch said her teammates would treat her differently because they knew she was more skilled.

Loesch said she would play through injuries and even though it was hard, it toughened her to push through.

“From softball I learned that you need passion in life, and softball is my passion,” she said.

Loesch said softball gave her a strong mind-set on everything.

“It made me more social,” Loesch said.

Loesch said she could talk to adults better than she could talk to her teammates.

Loesch’s stats were well above the national average according to, a website that keeps track of high school athletes team and individual stats.

“My parents helped me through everything,” said Loesch.

Loesch said they helped her travel to games and provided everything she needed.

Loesch said she is the hardest on herself after games.

“I would rant to my mom in the car for an hour and then I wouldn’t think about it again,” said Loesch.

Loesch said she thinks a reason why she didn’t have more opportunities to play in college was because she did not play on Sundays, and that is when most of the coaches scout.

Loesch said that she is still grateful for the opportunities given to her.

“I didn’t accept my offers because I had a feeling about BYU-Idaho,” Loesch said.

Loesch said it the feeling is hard to describe.

“I really love it here and really felt the spirit here when I took a tour,” said Loesch.

Loesch said she wanted to still be involved and so she decided to help coach and play to stay in shape and help the girls.

Loesch said it would be a waste to use her talents when she had put so much time into it