Mike Holland, a sophomore studying psychology, came from Sacramento, California, to BYU-Idaho and recently tried out for the competitive golf league where he was reminded Idaho golf is different from California golf.

“Here in Rexburg, you can go out for a round of golf and get everything from snow and rain, to wind and sunshine,” Holland said. “Every time I go out, it hails on me.”

Holland said he played football, basketball and track during high school, but didn’t get serious about golf until after he graduated.

“I worked at the Sierra View Country Club after high school,” Holland said. “After being around golf so much, I came to love it. I thought I was too cool for golf in high school, but now I wish I would have done it.”

Holland said his choice of studying psychology stemmed from his love for sports.

“I want to be a sports psychologist,” Holland said. “Sports psychologists help athletes work on things like concentration and motivation. They essentially give them all of the tools they need to help them mentally perform the best that they can.”

The sports world is continually growing in popularity, so players and teams do all they can to perform at higher and higher levels, according to the American Psychological Association website. Along with improved practice and physical conditioning, athletes look for help in fine-tuning their mental abilities.

Holland said this is his first time participating in the BYU-I golf league and that he anticipates it being an enjoyable and relaxed experience.

“It should be lots of fun,” Holland said. “Golfing with a bunch of people from BYU-I should be a great experience. It’s not like we are out here competing on the PGA Tour. We will be with like-minded people, having fun together with a bit of friendly competition.”

Holland said he enjoys playing at Teton Lakes Golf Course, just northeast of Rexburg. He said his favorite hole is the seventh on the Middle Fork, which is a short par-4. He also said that playing here, golfers have to deal with the wind, and the wind can really kill your ball.

“I am just going to have to learn how to play the wind, I guess,” Holland said.

Holland said his favorite course he has ever played was at Promontory Club in Park City, Utah.

The courses at Promontory Club are ranked as the number two and number three best golf courses in Utah, according to Golf Digest Magazine.

Holland said his two favorite professional golfers are Adam Scott and Tiger Woods.

“They are fun to watch, but really, most any of the pros are good to watch,” Holland said. “Their swings are just so good, and you want to emulate them.”