Ashley Young: Here at BYU Idaho, the university had a very special opportunity to host the Idaho State National Geography Bee. Students from all over the state drove long distances to compete for the state title. This geography bee is like a spelling bee except instead of spelling words, these 4th through 8th graders are asked about current events, history, culture, and language from all around the world.



Michael Madsen: National geographic sponsors the geography bee and it’s their effort to promote geographic literacy. We kind of forget about he importance of Geography as a subject and so it encourages the study of geography in school, a chance to acknowledge these bright students who have really taken the initiative to learn about the world.


Ashley Young: Today at the state championship there were a total of ten finalists who competed on stage in the MC ballroom. Minds were racing as the competition grew fierce but there could only be one student to win the state title. Whoever came out on top in the state bee has the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to compete in the National bee. The winner of the National bee receives a 50,000-dollar scholarship for a future education.


Ashley Young: It was a privilege for the University to host such a major event for these young geography enthusiasts. We enjoyed watching young prodigies further their education right here on campus. We wish luck to the state winner as he travels on to Nationals and represents the state of Idaho.