The National Parks band will perform at the Romance Theater on Main Street, Saturday, June 11.

The National Parks is a folk-pop band that started making music in 2013 in Provo, Utah, according to the band’s website. The band has five members.

Sydney Mcarlane plays piano and is the female lead vocalist, with Brady Parks singing lead male vocals and guitarist. Seth Patterson plays trumpet, John Hancock plays electric guitar, Megan Taylor plays the violin and each of the other three also contributes vocals, according to the band’s website.

Saturday’s show will begin at 8 p.m. and is one of nearly 20 concerts that the band will play on their current tour. They will be playing shows ranging from Kemmerer, Wyoming, to Washington DC, according to the band’s website.

Hannah Gibson, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies, said she will be going to the show. She saw the band perform in Rexburg in February, and she loved it. Gibson said the band loves Rexburg.

“They love Rexburg because we love them,” Gibson said. “There is a connection there with mutual excitement.”

Gibson said that she especially loves the song “As We Ran”, which has the line, “we belong here with the great Tetons.” She said she connects with the song because she loves going out and hiking with her friends.

“Whenever I go on adventures with friends we always listen to the National Parks,” Gibson said. “Their lyrics definitely talk about adventures and beautiful scenery. Adventures in the North, that’s what they always talk about.”

The band considers much of what they write to be non-fiction, according to a the band’s website. Their lyrics are inspired by real events and people from their life.