The National Parks, an indie band originating from Provo, Utah, performed at the historic Rexburg Tabernacle this past Friday, Oct. 7, to a packed audience of devoted fans.

“Coming to Rexburg is a little like coming home for us,” said John Hancock, the guitarist and vocalist for The National Parks.

They played their popular song “Coração” from their newest album Until I Live to start off their concert.

“Honestly I just, I think we just love to play here,” said Megan Taylor, the violinist and vocalist for The National Parks.

The tabernacle was filled to its capacity of 1,000 people.

“We always have a blast when we play in Rexburg,” said Sydney Macfarlane, the pianist and lead vocalist for The National Parks.

Rexburg was one of The National Parks’ final stops after touring the country for the past year.

“Just being on the road and seeing crowds form in different states is something really exciting for us,” said Brady Parks, the guitarist and lead vocalist for The National Parks.

After performing all around the U.S., the band shared what makes it a good experience for them.

“When you give all your energy and you just try to make it exciting for the crowd, then they get excited and then you start feeding off each other,” Hancock said.

Fans seated themselves on top of the pews in the tabernacle for a better view of the band.

“I don’t know, it’s mostly the fans, that’s my favorite part is just connecting with the fans in that really special way,” Macfarlane said.

In a surprise to the crowd, the band popped up in the middle of the fans to perform a couple of songs.

“We typically have a lot of people singing along, clapping, dancing, jumping, hands in the air,” Parks said.

Throughout the night, interactions between the crowd and the band members were fun and lighthearted.

“They’re all my best friends, everyone in the band, and just being able to travel with them and perform, to a ton of different places and different crowds, I don’t know, I just think that’s really fun for me to do,” Taylor said.

Hancock said that the band has always had great experiences performing in Rexburg.

“We’re always really excited to come back and have shows here,” Taylor said.

As the band finished up their last song, fans cheered for them to continue playing, but unfortunately, the concert had come to an end.

“Thanks for coming out, it’s always a blast to come here,” Hancock said.

The concert was an overall success for The National Parks, and Jackie Rawlins owner of the Rexburg Tabernacle said it has been their biggest concert in Rexburg so far.