Tori Sheets | Scroll Photography

“PokeMatch,” a new mobile dating app helping Pokemon fans find people with similar interests, was released in July.

Users sign in with their Facebook account and get matched with people in their general area, according to the app’s official website.

“Considering how popular Tinder is, and how big a hit ‘Pokemon Go’ has been, it does make sense to me to put the two together,” said Amber Stecher, a sophomore studying art education.

Stecher said she socialized with students at BYU-Idaho when “Pokemon Go” was released and would get the dating app to make friends.

Stecher said she thinks “PokeMatch” will be successful because the common interest is Pokemon, rather than using a random matching system.

“Maybe I’m weird, but I associate nice people with their interests and their level of nerd,” she said.

There have been more than 10,000 matches since the app’s release, according to the “PokeMatch” creator.

For people interested in the app, it is currently available for Android and iOS systems.