Written by Isabelle Zyhailo

BYU-Idaho has new classes and tournaments this semester for those who want an alternative to competitive and recreational sports.

“We will have more classes and clubs than we ever have offered in the past,” said Doug Stutz, an advisor in the activities center for the classes.

Clinisha Bannis, a freshman studying humanitites, said that for BYU-I students, this means there are more things to do outside their apartments.

Brand new classes/clubs include track and field, color guard, bowling and kickboxing/tai chi. Floor hockey, fencing, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, water polo and table tennis are here to stay from winter, according to the Student Activites Web page.

Stutz said bowling is something exclusively different to BYU-I this semester and that it will no longer be a class accepted for academic credit, which means Student Activities is offering it as a non-credit class.

“The cost for the class and bowling leagues is equivalent to about $1 per day — a better deal than is available anywhere,” Stutz said.

Stutz said new student leaders come every semester, so this one will be a new experience for them.

Stutz said the great thing about classes at BYU-I is that participants do not have to be the most skilled. He said that because of this, everyone is welcome.

Unlike the competitive or recreational sports, these classes are non-committal. Classes are free for students, employees and their families. Register for classes on IMLeagues beforehand, according to the Student Activites Web page.

“We hope they are fun for the students to get involved,” Stutz said.

The classes are run by students for students, according to the Student Activities Web page.

“It helps to focus on everyday life and helps me stay in shape,” said Jeremy Jarvis, an instructor for taekwondo and a sophomore studying exercise physiology.

Tournaments or the one-day events are offered as well, according to the Student Activities Web page.

“A major event is the Temple to Temple Relay,” Stutz said.

Stutz said Linnea Fletcher did not consider herself a runner but had an idea of having a relay between temples developed the Temple to Temple Relay six years ago.

Stutz said she had an idea and presented it. He said that if anyone has an idea for a class or an event and wants to present it, go to the Student Activites office or online, according to the Student Activities Web page.

This program follows the values of BYU-I and focuses on students teaching others, according to BYU-I Student Activities.

“Our goal is to develop leaders, to plan it, make it happen and organize it, which is important to us,” Stutz said.

The 2016 tournaments include Spike ball and bubble soccer, as well as grass and black-light volleyball, according to the Student Activities Web page.

If anyone has a question, go to the Student Activities Center in Manwaring Center 101. To get into a class, register at IMLeagues, according to the BYU-I Activities Web page.

“Make sure you do something you love to do when working out,” said Meisha Tate, a UFC fighter, in an interview with askmen.com. “Nobody likes to work, so when you do choose a workout, make it something you enjoy doing. You won’t stick with it if you hate it and if it feels like work. Do something fun.”